Night Prayer for April 10

Dear Father, the moon is gifting us with its lights, and you have allowed me to reach this moment for it is you who has a perfect plan for my life. Lord, I am grateful because you care and love me unconditionally. I want to thank you, King, of kings, from the bottom of my heart, for I am fortunate to have my family with me one more day. Thank you,

Morning Prayer for April 10

Lord I want to kneel before you on this new day and show you my gratitude and to express my wishes, for you are my stronghold, Father, and because only you listen and understand what I say, my Lord. I am thankful because you grant me this day that provides me so many new opportunities to improve and to do good, Holy Father. Each one of these opportunities draws me closer

Night Prayer for April 9

I want to thank you for everything you give me and for everything you allowed me to do today. This day has provided me with ample experience, and I’ve felt you close at all times. It has been a long day, and I have tried to stand firm, for I know that it is to your liking Father. I am grateful, Lord, because I have not been alone, and you have

Morning Prayer for April 9

The sun has come out again and my soul is overjoyed to know that you are gifting me with another day, Lord. Today is a day to be with my loved ones, carry out my activities and role that I have in society. I am happy to be able to enjoy your creation, kind Father. I thank you because you woke me up in good health and because my loved

Night Prayer for April 8

Holy Father, the day has ended, and I want to kneel before You and thank you for each one of your blessings. I pray for faith and for the noble desires of my heart, my Lord. I have lived through many different situations today, some pleasant and others not, but I have learned from them all. I have learned from these experiences, and above all, I’ve always kept you in my

Morning Prayer for April 8

Thank you, Lord, because I have lived for another day, and thank you for allowing me to see the greatness of your creation and because I can witness how great your love for me is. I thank you, my Lord because this day is a new opportunity to be happy and to start to do the things I have always dreamt of. Today is a perfect day to make up for

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