Prayer for children’s protection

Almighty God, You know me and know everything I have in my heart, my deepest desires and wishes. Please help me and cover my children with your protecting cloak so that they may be safe from all harm, from the danger that always lurks in this world and every evil act that might harm them. I am deeply grateful, my Lord, for the children you have given me. They are

Prayer to come out of debt

Loving God, I pray wholeheartedly to thank you for each one of you in my life. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and allowing me to enjoy your blessings daily, all of your creations, and your generosity. Loving Lord, I find myself in a difficult spot in my life, frustrated and devastated, for I cannot find a way out or a solution, to solve the problem of the debts that

Prayer for a rebellious son

Loving Father, I am so grateful for all your love, and all your blessings. I also thank you for my family. I feel blessed to call myself your son, God. Thank you for showing your love and compassion every day. In this humble prayer, I want to pray for my son, that you may touch his noble heart, soul, and body. He has become rebellious and will not listen to

House Cleansing Prayer

God, Lord of the universe, it is a privilege for me to rely on you in prayer, to know that I can feel alive and have the opportunity for you to help me to be a better son, wife, mother, father, trying to comply with everything you have willed me beforehand. I want to start this prayer by consecrating my home entirely to You. Lord, you know my family. You