Powerful prayer for a miracle

Heavenly Father, I am grateful for your blessings. Thank you, Lord, because I daily witness your love, compassion, understanding, and your constant worry over me and my wishes. At this very moment, I want to pray, because what is impossible for me, is certainly possible in your eyes. Precious Father, my life revolves around yours. I place all my plans, aims, and dreams in your hands because you are the

Prayer for lift your spirits

Loving Father, I feel the need each day, to grow close to You, and thank you for the countless blessings you pour on my head, home, the bed I sleep on, family, and friends. Thank you for the wonderful people you place in my life, and thank you for everything else as well, Lord. I am thankful Father, for the friends you have given me because they are my brothers.

Prayer to bless my job

Amazing and magnificent Lord, I want to start my prayer today by being deeply grateful for my life, family, health, and because there is always a plate of food on my table. Above all, I want to thank you for providing me with a job, loving Lord. I want to thank you because I have an income and I can earn honest money. Thank you because although the job is

Prayer for Happiness

Loving and blessed Lord, I come before you today with all that I am and all that I have, and plea for forgiveness and mercy because I need You. I have decided to leave behind everything that is of no good in my life, and the chains that tie me to a loveless and unhappy life, a life of anguish and grief. From now on, I want to enjoy the