Prayer for the job of my children

Blessed and loving Lord, I offer this humble prayer with the sincere intention of thanking you for each one of your favors, blessings, and miracles in my life and the pleasure of the beautiful family, and kids that can today support themselves. Thank you for allowing me to provide the necessary education and instruction for them to reach their aims and fulfill their goals. Today, Almighty Lord, I pray that

Prayer for your children

Eternal Father, I am very grateful to you, Lord, for giving me so much, for allowing me to live and enjoying every one of your blessings. Thank you, because you bestow innumerable blessings on me, and because I am for ever-present in your plans, Lord. I wish to thank you, Lord, because, in spite of bad days, I can smile, return home, and hug my children. Thank you, Father, because

Praying to God for health

Blessed Lord, I am thankful for the blessings I have received from You, for so much love and understanding. Thank you for being my main support in times of frustration and pain. Thank you for being at my side and fighting hand in hand to defeat adversity. I kneel before you my God, not only to thank you but also to pray that you give me health and physical wellbeing,

Prayer of faith for hard times

Lord, it is so good to know that you are always beside each one of your children, worrying and taking care of our needs and every situation that is important to us. You know everything that is going on, Lord, that is why there is nothing we can hide from you. You know how exactly how we feel and think. You know what is going on in my life. So,