Night prayer for December 24

Glorious Lord, one more day is coming to an end. In these moments, under the shadow of the night covering everything, I want to approach You to dispose of my heart to Your presence. I want to leave everything in Your Holy and powerful hands. Now, I prepare to sleep peacefully. If you are with me then nothing and no one can be against me.

You know everything about me, eternal Lord. I can hide nothing from You.  I know very well that you know my thoughts, my feelings, and even my regret. After this long day, I start to think about everything I have experienced and I realize that despite my fatigue, the disappointments that I may have suffered, and everything that happened to me today, You were by my side saying: «Courage, my son!, I’m with you!”.

Thank you very much for that detail of love that you always have with me, blessed Lord. Thank you very much for that incomparable kindness that comes to life in me and my family. Thank you, Father, of goodness, because you never abandon us, because your firm arm supports us and because I can feel your love comforting my weak and nostalgic heart.

I want to thank you too, my beautiful God, because on this day I could see each of your works. I know that you were with me, that you opened new paths, you opened doors that seemed closed and you freed me from evil, you took care of me from the enemy and I was able to reach my home safe and sound after having performed all my obligations.

Thank you, merciful Lord, because today there was no lack of food on my table, shelter in my home, and an honest word from a close friend. Thank you because even if I am not great, Lord, You never stop providing what is necessary for my life and my family. How much I praise and bless you, God of my life! Only to You be the glory and honor forever, my Lord.

On this night, good Father, I give you my house, my home and my family, my God, so that you come to cover us with your protective mantle and we can have a safe night, because You, God of victory, protect us from all wiles of the enemy. Go through every space, every corner of my house, Lord, and be the light that illuminates us in the darkness.

Give me the rest I need, Lord, ease my heavy burdens and drive away tonight all negative and pessimistic thoughts that prevent me from falling asleep calmly and quietly. Act in my heart while I rest, my God, give me peace, tranquility and help me face life with a better attitude.Blessed Lord, tonight I offer you my life and the life of my family so that you can restore us. If it is your will, give me the happiness of having new dawn and the opportunity to do things better. I want to make up for the mistakes that I may have made today and move on, along a path of well-being, love, happiness, and much happiness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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