Praying to God for health

Blessed Lord, I am thankful for the blessings I have received from You, for so much love and understanding. Thank you for being my main support in times of frustration and pain. Thank you for being at my side and fighting hand in hand to defeat adversity.

I kneel before you my God, not only to thank you but also to pray that you give me health and physical wellbeing, to enjoy life as one expects. I wish to enjoy my life feeling well, sharing every moment with my family and friends, and I would like, my God, for you to deliver me from sickness. May evil depart, and may I be healthy.

I pray, Lord, that you help me be aware of my health and understand that my body is a temple, and as such, I must be the first person to take care of it. Help me to be more responsible, Lord, watchful of my diet, develop better habits, keep away from any addiction, because it is useless for me to pray for health if, on the other hand, I do nothing to improve.

Grant me the joy, loving Father, to carrying out my activities in full use of my faculties, at home, work, with my friends, and in the best way possible to be of benefit not only to those around but also to myself, my God.

I would like you to help me, loving God, to leave all my excuses and laziness aside because I need to take care of your present, which is this instrument, that is to say, my body. Help me to keep it healthy, and maintain it stable, and that I can inspire others to follow a healthy life. May I do everything within my reach, to look after my health.  If I do so, Lord, if I look after this perfect temple you gave me, then, you will take care of my health, you will strengthen it, and I will be happy feeling well.

I am going through spells of pain, moments of uncertainty, constant medical tests, and doubts that grieve me. I pray that it be You who gives me the health I so badly need, and may it be You who heals me, who clears up my doubts and comes to ease my daily walk.

In this prayer, loving Father, I too pray for my friends and family who are going through hard times or battling illness. Please comfort them so that they may understand that your timing is perfect and that it is being carried out according to your plan.

Help them to face sickness with courage, energy, and good spirits, so that they may not subject to stress or despair. I pray that you cover them with your protecting hand so that they may feel safe. Guide them by your hand and guide them along the path of hope so that their faith will not falter.

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Please, help the children who are fighting against cancer, or any other disease, to find some sense of humor regarding what is happening to them, and in this way, feel that their treatment is not so tough and difficult. May they find high-quality professionals who know what they are going through and are full of love for their brothers and sisters.

Merciful Lord, I beg that you look after me and my people, and may you push away all evil from my body. If it is your will for me to be ill, may I undergo this hardship, knowing that you do not abandon nor forsake me under any circumstance.

Father, may I never deny You or your will. Help me to accept whatever you have in store for me. It will be very hard for me if the news is a sad one, but in time, I will learn to understand that everything happens for a reason, my Lord.

I truly hope, that You hear my prayer and that you grant me the opportunity to do what is right this time and to pay attention to everything I have ignored before. Grant me the opportunity to look after my life. Please look after me, I pray, God, in the Jesus Christs’ name, Amen.

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