Morning Prayer for January 5

Dear Father, I open my eyes and I can only thank you for this new gift that you gave me. Thank you for the miracle of life and thank you for the happiness of having the health to be able to enjoy it. My heart is completely happy knowing that you have beautiful details with me, such as my family, my work, my studies, and all the people who remind me that your love is entirely for me.

This morning, I want to ask You to be the one who guides my steps and who does not depart from me, not for a single moment. Thank you for all the things you give me. Blessed God, thank you that your mercy is poured into my life, and thank you that you never abandon the people who live in my home. Thank you, Father, of goodness, because I have the food to nourish myself, the clothes to dress and I have a bed where I can rest. Thank you, Holy Father, because You are the only path I must follow to attain happiness.

 Beautiful Lord, I want to offer you this day completely. I want you to be the one to control all aspects of my life. I believe that you will give me the wisdom to do my activities well, and I believe that you will give me the strength not to fail in trials and that you will give me the perseverance to move forward, be firm and keep my faith.

My good God, You know everything about me. You know exactly what I want, what I long for, and what I need. I want you to act through me and for everything to be done according to your will. Give me the desire to want to win the battles; give me the intelligence to know how to handle situations and that they are in my favor.

Stay with me and remain faithful to all the destinations that I have to reach. Take care of my travels and my journeys so that no danger can bend me and protect me from all the intentions of the enemy. My Lord, may your total protection be with me and with my family.

My powerful Lord, help me to overcome the adversities that may arise, to pay this debt that worries me, to solve the conflict in the center of my family, or to alleviate the tension that is felt in my work.

Beloved Father, use me as an instrument of your peace and your love so that I can carry that message that you want people to hear, be the one who can reflect the love you feel for the world, and be able to spread the faith that moves within me to people who are close to me at work, in my studies, or in my own family.

Cover my entire family with your grace and forgiveness, make us need you, and seek you at every moment of the day. Protect my home, my family, and give us the faith to pray all together and be a family of yours, a family of God.

Beautiful Father, I have the certainty and full confidence that this prayer is being heard, and that this day will be of great benefit to me and my family. Thank you for listening to my humble plea and thank you because I know that your presence will be the one who accompanies me for the rest of the day. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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