Night Prayer for December 3

King of my heart, precious God and Father of mercy, the light of the sun has gone and the serene night arrives. I fall on my knees next to my bed to give you infinite thanks for the day that you allowed me to conclude, thank you for all the love you show me and for the blessings you put in my life.

Tonight I want to ask You to be the one to take control of my life and direct it along the correct paths. I put all my plans and projects at your feet so that one by one I can achieve them in the times you think necessary. You are the most important piece in the plans that I have designed, if You are within them, prosperity and success will come to me.

I thank you because during the day you protected and took care of my family, thank you for their lives and their work. Thank you because you keep us united despite adversity and misunderstandings that may arise, thank you because there is no lack of food on our table to be able to share it and thank you because your love helps us to forgive ourselves and move forward on the path.

Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me to return home safely, for protecting my trip, for taking care of my path, because you give me a roof where I can take refuge and because I do not have needs that can overwhelm me. I raise my prayer to You with great gratitude and love.

Merciful Lord, I ask You for that problem that I have been going through, You know better than anyone how much anguish and concern it generates in me. Help me to make the decisions that can solve this situation and regain the courage that I have lost because of it.

Dear God, I ask your forgiveness tonight if because of this problem that anguishes me I have lost my faith, if the doubt took hold of me and I could believe that you did not listen to me. If I had a moment of weakness and allowed the temptations to be put before me. Don’t consider my mistakes and give me your immense mercy.

I ask you, Holy Lord, to grant me a new day full of many opportunities, full of trials to overcome from your hand and so that I can glorify your name once more. May my body regain its energies tonight and that way wake up revitalized and eager to share another day under the shadow of your mantle.

I want to rest with great enthusiasm and hope to be able to have one more morning by your hand. May your presence accompany me throughout the night, feeding my faith and making me rest from a very long day. Whisper a beautiful song to me to sleep with your indelible voice that surrounds my heart with love and joy. I trust that You will watch over my dreams, Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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