Night Prayer for December 10

Precious Lord, tonight I come before You, exhausted from the day that I had to live, tired because my body and my mind worked together performing the actions that corresponded to me, however, I do not want this night to pass without having to thank You for what you gave me.

I thank you, beloved Father, because even though the day did not turn out as I wanted, I had your protective mantle over me, taking care that the threats of the enemy do not end up collapsing me.

 Thank you because although things did not turn out as I needed them, you continue to show me your love that invites me to continue trusting in You.

Lord, tonight, let me rest my battered body and troubled mind. Worries, illnesses, doubts, and lack of love have diminished their performance and now I just need you to take away everything bad from today and allow me to wrap myself in your peace to sleep peacefully.

Merciful God, I ask your forgiveness if the bad day I had caused me to lose my faith, to start with doubts, and to question whether you are really by my side. Forgive my weakness and my distrust. You know what I need, you know how much I yearn to achieve my goals and therefore despair governs me and separates me from your grace.

I want to thank you for the family you gave me, for their lives and their hearts. Thank you because, in these moments that I need understanding, love, and hope, they are ready to give me comfort and love. Thank you because you are aware of the needs we go through, because you put food on the table to share and because you give us a home where we can return after a long day.

Thank you for this moment, because the more I pray to you, the more I feel your presence in me that is healing me.  Your love is lightening my burdens, freeing my heart from the stains of sin. Increase my faith more and more. Blessed Lord,  I need you to move forward.

It is possible that now I feel very fatigued, but I always return before You to offer You my pain, my sadness, and my anguish. May your absolute mercy have mercy on me and give me the peace I need in this long night.

I thank you, Blessed Father, because you listen to my prayers, because you listen to my call and because you do not let me faint. Grant me a new day, if it is your will, so I can move on and achieve the goals I have in mind. Give me the peace of mind I need to rest in these moments. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

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