Night prayer for December 12

Dear Lord, tonight I approach your presence to give you infinite thanks for your immense love. Thank you that today throughout You accompanied me, and you do not let me walk alone on this path of life. I thank you because you take care of my steps and guide my decisions, because you are a just and good God, and because you give me everything I need to be happy.

My God, that night is warm and serene. I want this to be a special occasion to get closer to You. I ask you to rekindle my spirits and increase my faith day by day. Do not let it fail because of tribulations. Almighty Lord, lay your hand on me so that I may be holy and saved by your blessed name.

Tonight, I want to ask your forgiveness for all the mistakes I have made, for the mistakes I make again. I ask your forgiveness because your face is lost to me and because I do not do your will. Sorry when my weakness makes me lose the link that exists between us because the worries and daily problems make my prayer minimal, forgetting about You.

You know the depths of my being. I know that you will do everything the moment you decide. I put all my hopes and dreams under your watch. I don’t want anything without you guiding my path. All of me belongs to you and I give it to you tonight so that you can mold them and adapt them to your plans. Your favor is the most important thing to me.

Blessed Lord, I want to understand You and know You every moment, pray with much more love to find a different meaning in my life. Tonight I want you to help me rest my body, which is tired from this long day. Take your worries away from me, remove all kinds of bad thoughts and discouragement from me. I want to rest, free myself from all accumulated worries.

Become the protector and guardian of my dreams, watch my bed while I regain my strength. Heavenly Father, thank you for being as real as the air I need to breathe, thank you for being my refuge and you are the place where I support myself in times of distress. You are in the moments where there is hesitation and where the storms of the high seas appear.

Precious Lord, thank you for not abandoning my family, or the people who are important to me. Thank you for allowing them to return home safely, for placing a plate of food on their tables so they can share and for maintaining the bond between us.

Thank you God, because you gave me many blessings on this day, thank you because I know that you listen to my prayers and my prayers.

I will rest confident now because I know that tomorrow I will have a day full of opportunities to achieve many more goals. I ask you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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