Night prayer for December 15

My Lord, tonight I come before you tired and burdened by everything that happened during this day. Even so, I thank you for all the moments that I was able to experience and all the moments that I was able to share with the people you put in my path. Thank you, Lord, because, despite everything that happened, you preserved my health and allowed me to return home to rest.

Dear Lord, my body is exhausted from so much bustle. My mind is overwhelmed with many worries. I ask you tonight to grant me the possibility of sleeping peacefully. Let me relieve the loads so that I can have a peaceful rest that allows me to renew my strength and increase my energy.

Do not abandon me for a moment, Lord, the difficulties that are presented to me are strong and wear down my spirits, they make my faith be put to the test. Make my forces surrender to you much more easily. Become my strength, my refuge, my comfort when I feel like I can’t move on.

My God, I apologize for all the circumstances of this day, which led me to make wrong decisions. If the moments of regret and sadness made my faith weak and begin to doubt You. Forgive me, God bless because problems make me hesitate and because I do not keep that decision that I always thought I had. May your mercy reach me. Let me live again in your grace.

God of mercy, I want to thank you because at this moment I have my family by my side, thank you because without them I could not resist the onslaught of life. Without my family, I would not be able to resist the illnesses that I sometimes have to suffer from, I would not be able to resist the financial problems that would fill my head with thousands of worries. Thank you that your presence is essential to motivate me to keep going.

I thank you because throughout this day you took care of them because you grant them blessings in their lives and in their works so that they can sustain their home. Thank you because your infinite love is shown in the unconditional support that we give each other because your love is shown in the moments that we have a bad time, in the union, and in the understanding that we have to continue in the battle.

Thank you, my God, because I know that my prayer is heard because I know that this prayer that I raise will be the turning point for the mornings to come. I want to ask you to take care of my dream and to take all the worries that are in my mind, to be able to rest. I wish that tomorrow I can try a new possibility to do my thing.

Blessed God, pour out your blessings on me and the people I love. Dear God, be vigilant all night that I need from You so as not to lose heart. Increase my faith and help me regain my strength to face the trials of tomorrow. I ask you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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