Evening prayer for December 17

 Blessed God, I thank you because one more day has passed and you have remained faithful, you have remained by my side as a good Father, a concerned protector. Thank you because in all the moments that I lived, I was able to make the most of them and I was able to obtain great lessons from them.

I do not want to start this prayer towards You, without first asking your forgiveness for all the mistakes that I could make. Forgive me, Lord, because throughout the day I had many difficulties that I could not solve because I trusted my strength and wanted to face the difficulties without taking your hand. I apologize because pride makes me self-sufficient and I believe that I can do everything on my own when in reality it is not like that.

Merciful God, I ask you that you can reach your mercy and that you can cleanse the evils that stained my heart so that I can have a peaceful and restorative rest. Take away the worries that I could accumulate in my mind and clear all feelings of evil that want to imprison me. May your grace and love envelop me and take care of me while I sleep.

 This serene night, I want to ask you especially for those people who do not have a good end to the day, for those who are mired in sadness or hopelessness, for those who have suffered disappointments or some bad news that has affected their lives. My Lord, I ask you to become their consolation in these difficult times and that you can give them the calm and tranquility of finding rest in so much adversity.

Heavenly Father, I ask you tonight for my family so that they can have a rest to replenish the energy that they spent for the past day. I ask you to bless their homes, their labors, their activities, and their hearts, so that they always choose to take the path of righteousness and that they may have as the center of their lives.

Help us to maintain unity, love, and support in the moments we need you the most. Increase our faith and rekindle the spirits that can be lost through difficult times. Almighty God, do not remove your protective hand from our lives and heal us from the wounds that our souls may have.

Now I am about to sleep and rest my body in the hope that I will have a better day.I rest assured that tomorrow I will be able to conclude what I did not conclude today, that I will be able to solve what I could not solve today. Blessed God, you are my wisdom, my strength, and my courage, in the face of everything.Thank you, kind Father, because I have full confidence that my prayer is heard. I trust you, I know that you will give me a new day full of blessings and new opportunities to achieve goals. Give me the rest that my body needs to face a new tomorrow. If it is your will, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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