Night prayer for December 19

Most High Lord, merciful God and Father of goodness, one more day ends and as is already a custom, I come before your presence to thank you because you allowed me to live to the fullest today. Thank you for all the moments that I was able to share with the people I love the most. Thank you because in all my activities you express your love and kindness.

Heavenly Father, I want to take advantage of this night to pay you homage and glorify your holy name. There have been many benefits that you put in my path. There are many blessings that I receive without deserving, for that I want to thank you and exalt your name. Only You are the only God and Lord of the Universe! May every knee bend in your presence! And may all people recognize that you are the almighty God.

Thank you for every moment that I had to live on this day, Holy Father. Thank you for the moments that were of joy and happiness, the moments where I was able to complete a goal, where I was able to share with my family, where I celebrated successes, or when I received your blessings.

Thank you also for the sad moments, because I know that you allow those moments to reflect on my actions, to test my faith, and to know how much I can resist holding your hand. My God, thank you because in moments of anguish your glory manifests itself much more, because these difficult moments, although it is hard to believe, are also a blessing

Thank you Holy Father, because before I go to rest I can feel your love enveloping my life because I can feel that your mercy is forgiving my sins and cleaning every stain from my heart.

God, I want to ask you tonight, for my family, so that you do not neglect their needs so that you stay with them at the time of sadness so that you have compassion on them for their sins.Pour out your love and your blessings on their lives and continue on the path that you have for them.

Now, Dear Lord, I am about to rest my body and clear my mind. Take the worries out of my head so that they let me sleep peacefully. Help me focus on tomorrow. Protect my thoughts when it’s time to rest and give me the blessing of another day.God of my life, may tomorrow be a day full of many joys, many blessings, and many things to achieve. Take into account my duties and my needs so that you can grant me one more day of life under your gaze. Tonight I put all of me in your hands, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

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