Night prayer for December 21

Blessed Father of mercy, what a beautiful sensation that he experienced when he reached the end of the day and that You remain by my side. My heart rejoices because I know that I gave everything I had to give this morning and because I had the good sense to always put you in front of everything that happened.

Almighty Lord, I thank you infinitely because you did not let go of my hand all day, thank you because you teach me to know you and because you draw me closer to you every day. Thank you because I know that when I start the day with you, there will be nothing that can defeat me. Thank you for being the protective shield from evil and for lifting my spirits when I received some blows from life.

Tonight, heavenly Father, I come to tell you that I tried to live according to your will and I tried to get closer to what you command and designate. If I could not do it, I apologize. Sorry if at some point of the day I had bad and selfish thoughts regarding my siblings, sorry if my heart was filled with jealousy or if with a word, I hurt the people who are close to me.

Father of mercy, I come before You sorry for the things I did without realizing it, for the actions I took that could be a grievance towards You. Forgive me for those things that I omitted that brought bad consequences. I hope to achieve your mercy and mercy to be able to rest calmly and calmly.

Pour your grace on the world, merciful Lord, on those people who live their lives twice as long, for those who seek happiness in material things. I ask you for the souls of those who forget their families to seek a better job, for those people who take the wrong paths because they do not know you.

I ask you in a special way for them, Divine Father, so that you grant them the grace of your forgiveness and that they can return to the path from which they should not have departed, so that they may seek in your love the only real and existing happiness.

In this night full of calm and tranquility, I have the certainty that your love is always with me. Precious God, that’s why I completely abandon myself in your arms to be able to rest, I abandon myself as a child abandons itself in the arms of its father, because it feels safe and protected.

Thank you, God, because I know that you will be watching over my dreams while I sleep, thank you because I have full confidence that my prayer is being heard because my cry reaches your ears. Give me a new opportunity to make up for the mistakes that I made and to continue the plans that I had for today and could not conclude. Give me what I ask of you if it is your will, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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