Night Prayer for July 29

God of love, I thank you because I have been able to feel your mysterious presence surrounding my entire room tonight. Thank you for all that I shared, lived and enjoyed today, you cannot imagine the joy that my heart has in knowing that you have been present all the hours of the day, until now. I raise a praise to heaven, glory to You Lord, for Your infinite goodness,

Morning Prayer for July 29

God of infinite love, today I can wake up with much encouragement, knowing that my lungs are filled once again with your breath of life. It is for this reason that I dispose all my heart and my being to praise your holy name in gratitude for all your wonders deposited in me. From now on, this day is very beautiful for me, thank you for such a precious detail

Night Prayer for July 28

Precious Creator, tonight as a symbol of my deepest gratitude, I come before you and on my knees, I offer you this prayer with much sincerity. Thank you for the blessing of sharing beautiful moments surrounded by people who love me very much and value me, because you drew smiles on my face when I felt your heavenly presence. Tonight I thank you Lord, because you have not neglected me

Morning Prayer for July 28

Gracious Father, good morning. Thank you for this precious gift of life that you gave me with this new dawn. I open my eyes and contemplate the beauty of your landscapes that look out my window. Thank you for taking care of me all night long, for watching over my dreams and helping me to be with more energy to start this new journey. Thank you for the first blessings

Night Prayer for July 27

God of infinite tenderness, night falls, lighting the first sparkles of your stars so that delicately, I may get closer to You and thus, be able to place my heart in your hands. Thank you for all the gifts you gave me with love and trust, because you gave me precious moments to enjoy and memorize indelibly in my life, for staying with me all day long, taking care of

Morning Prayer for July 27

Lord, King my whole life, good morning. Once again it is morning and it is a great joy to be able to live one more day in your presence. Today I want to fill you with many words of admiration, of praises that adorn your precious sky, because your goodness is truly infinite and your love, the best there can be in this world.  Thank you for the opportunity to

Night Prayer for July 26

Father of my life, the night veil covers my whole room and I, I want to light a candle with my prayer. Thank You blessed Father, for allowing me to find myself one more time before giving my body to rest, because even silence and darkness become beautiful if You are in them. I want to begin by asking your forgiveness, holy God, because perhaps I was too distracted and

Morning Prayer for July 26

Sovereign and precious Lord, this beautiful morning I stand in your presence, after having rested very well during the night. Thank you Father for this first wonderful gift of life. I am filled with your grace to begin this day with great joy and optimism.  Today my God, I abandon myself to your immaculate feet, I ask you to give me the wisdom I need to be able to find

Night Prayer for July 25

Precious Creator, one more night welcomes me to start this beautiful prayer and to cover every corner, every space of my room with your presence. Now I just want to rest to try to replenish all the strength I lost during the morning. Thank you for placing your protective hand over me and all the activities I did. Because I was able to live very pleasant moments, surrounded by wonderful

Morning Prayer for July 25

Majestic Father, today my eyes are opened contemplating your marvelous creation, inspiring me to begin this humble prayer, as a sign of all my admiration, love and gratitude. Thank you for offering me daily your friendship as one of the best gifts and for taking care of me at night to have restful dreams. This morning, I want to thank you for this precious detail of living, I put it