Night Prayer for December 26

My God, the night ends my day. You stayed with me throughout my morning. I thank you for the moments that I had to experience, for those good moments, and for the moments that caused me sadness and discouragement. For all that, I ask you to stay with me for a moment longer tonight. Thank you blessed Lord, because, despite the mistakes and failures I made, you never stopped holding

Morning Prayer for December 26

Thank you, blessed Lord, because my body has rested all night because my eyes open to give way to a new day full of hope and many opportunities to be a better person. Thank you for the miracle of life for your love and your constant care. I thank you, beloved Father, because you did not remove your protective hand from my home, because you are aware of my cry

Night Prayer for December 25

Merciful Lord, a blue cloak covers the sky, the stars appear as a sign that one more day is coming to an end. Night has fallen, I am thinking about entering your presence, for every day you give me. My day has been full of experiences, unexpected mishaps, but above all, of many blessings. With all my heart, in these moments my Lord. I present myself before You to thank

Morning prayer for December 25

Blessed Lord, a new morning rises above the clouds. I can wake up realizing the wonders that You do daily in my life. Today, I wake up happy, my beloved Lord, although whenever there are setbacks in life. You give me a new opportunity to fight for my happiness and thus can achieve my dreams, Lord. On this beautiful morning that You have made, Lord, all your creatures delight in

Night prayer for December 24

Glorious Lord, one more day is coming to an end. In these moments, under the shadow of the night covering everything, I want to approach You to dispose of my heart to Your presence. I want to leave everything in Your Holy and powerful hands. Now, I prepare to sleep peacefully. If you are with me then nothing and no one can be against me. You know everything about me,

Morning prayer for December 24

Precious and adored Lord, you give me a new day. I open my eyes to see the sunlight announcing this beautiful morning you prepared for all your children. How beautiful is knowing that you love me as a child of yours. How beautiful it is to be able to feel that heat that only You radiate with your love, with your presence flooding this day that rises in the sky.

Night Prayer for December 23

My beloved Lord, I come before your presence to thank you for all the beautiful things that place before my eyes. Thank you because all your blessed creation is for me and because you allowed me to enjoy it throughout this day. Now, tonight and at the side of my bed, I prostrate myself before You to tell You how much I love You, my Lord. Thank you blessed God

Morning prayer for December 23

Lord of love, almighty God, and king of my life, one more morning begins. I approach You to thank You because I can get out of bed to continue on your path. Now I am about to start the day in the best way, knowing that you are the one who controls everything and arranges everything. Help me to live every moment with happiness and enjoyment every day. My Holy

Night prayer for December 22

Merciful Lord, the night has come to my home. After this long bustle, I kneel before You to thank You for the moments that I had to experience. I ask You to grant me a good rest since I feel overwhelmed and fatigued by this long journey. My God, although the day has not turned out as I wanted, I have to thank you because during those moments you were

Morning Prayer for December 22

Almighty Lord, the night has already ceased. The sun shines this morning with all its glint. I prepare to get up and live, with great enthusiasm, this day that you give me. Thank you, I give you for making my body have a restorative rest of its strength and taking care of my dreams. I know you can remove bad thoughts and fears that may arise. Thank you, My God,

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