Morning Prayer for April 6

Blessed Lord, my heart is overjoyed, and my soul is grateful to you for one more day in my life. I am grateful that I can look up and see the blue sky, feel the rays of the sun on my skin, and be able to live another day. 

Thank you, merciful Lord, for my family has woken up by my side today. Each one of them enjoys your blessings in the same way I do. You allow us to be together, hold our hand, and be united in your name, Lord. 

I am thankful Father because we have woken up in our beds this morning, the same ones you allowed us to have. You are a king, Father, who always looks after your children and shows us how much you love us each time you bless us. 

I thank you for everything, Father, because you provide every need. You provide for our daily bread, a roof over our heads, and clothe to cover our bodies. Thank you so much. You have us under your surveillance and take care of all our needs. 

You are a generous God. You grant me the ability I need to carry out my tasks at work, home, and society. Thank you, Lord, for the intelligence you have given me that allows me to keep learning and acquire the knowledge needed to become a better person for society.

On this day, that is about to begin, Father, I pray for your Holy Spirit to be present in every task and activity I carry out. I need you to whisper what paths I should walk along in my ear so that I do not draw away from you, which I most certainly don’t want to do, Lord.

I pray, merciful Father, that my brothers and sisters and I will be able to acknowledge our mistakes and repent so that we can mend our ways. We all need your forgiveness, Lord. Please forgive our offenses, failures, and mistakes for we are human, and making mistakes is in our nature. I pray that you help us to grow and learn. Please forgive us, Lord.

Please help me, Father, to be honest. Help me to stretch my hand out and help others, the ones who most need it, and that I may use the gifts you have given me for the benefit others. Help me God with your guidance to be an instrument of kindness so that I can comfort the folks who are suffering and in pain.Kind Father, I pray for the people around me and myself to be healthy. May I have the strength to face difficulties, and the will power to do good, Lord. Please help me not to be greedy, selfish, nor vain. Help me not to hang onto the things that separate me from You, Lord, I beg you in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son. Amen

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