Morning Prayer for April 6

My blessed King, this morning my heart rejoices and my soul feels grateful that you have given me a new day of life because my eyes can see the blue sky once again. After all, my skin can feel the rays of the sun because I can start over for another day.

Thank you, my Lord, merciful God, that my family has awoken by my side today, that each of them can enjoy your blessings as much as I do, that you allow us to be together again, that we can be close and united in your name, my Lord.

I am so thankful to you, Blessed Father, because this morning we woke up at home, in each of our beds, that you allowed us to have, because you are a kind father who always cares for your children, and you show us through your blessings how great your love is.

I thank you, Father, of all, because you provide me with everything I need on this day: you provide me with the means to get my daily sustenance, you allow me to have a roof over my head, and you allow me to cover my body with the necessary clothes. Thank you, my God, for so much, because you care about everything, and you are always looking out for my needs.

Thank you, Lord, for my intellect, which allows me to keep learning and gaining knowledge to be a good man in this society.

On this day that begins, my beloved Father, I beg you to accompany me with your Holy Spirit in each of my errands, in each of my activities, because I need the whisper of your voice to know which paths to take and not to move away from your presence. I do not want to be far from you.

I ask you, merciful Father, that this day you give my brothers and me the ability to recognize their mistakes, repent, and be able to amend them, because we all need your Holy Forgiveness. My God, forgive our offenses, our failures, our mistakes, because we are human, and erring is part of us. It helps us grow and learn. I beg you, Lord, give us your forgiveness.

Help me, Father, to be a man of good today. Help me to offer my hand to others, to those who need it most. Help me to use my gifts for the benefit of others. Help me, eternal God, to be an instrument of goodness in your blessed hands, to be the one who brings comfort to those who suffer and peace to those who are in pain.

Father of love, I beg you this day, may you give me health, to me and those around me, give me strength to face my difficulties, give me the will to do good, I ask you my Lord, do not let me fall into greed, self-centeredness, vanity, do not let me fall into those things that separate me from you, my Lord, help me, my God, I implore you, in the name of Jesus Christ, your son, Amen.

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