Night Prayer for May 6

Pious and beautiful Father, the night returns to meet us once again, and with the emotion that I carry within me, I turn to You with much affection. I want to thank You, my Lord, for having allowed me to arrive until now in Your company, for Your protection and for Your care in the face of every evil that has appeared.

Today dear Father, I want to proclaim your Name and praise you with all that I have and with all that I am, because you work wonders in your children, because you do everything so that my attention is focused on you.

Thank you for my loved ones, because you keep them well, because you protect them and take them home in good health, because in spite of our differences, you try to make unity reign among us. Thank you very much my God, because you do not let me or my family be in need.

Blessed Father, if for any reason, this day does not end well at all, I ask you to give me the conviction of your word, that discouragement does not take possession of my weak thoughts, nor make me act on the impulse of the feelings I may have.

I ask You, merciful Father, that You may give me Your forgiveness, for the lack of love that I have shown this day with my impatience, my advanced judgments or, perhaps, my lack of sensitivity. Give me the humility Lord, so that pride does not dominate my conscience, to recognize myself as an imperfect person, as a sinner before You.

Help me to soothe any feelings of sadness or frustration and embrace me in your peace so that I may have a full rest and my energies may be replenished upon awakening. Tonight, may You be the master of my dreams and my longings Lord, there is nothing better than to stay by Your side.

I want to pray to You for the whole world, which suffers from anguish, from mistreatment, which destroys Your creation for its own good. Open their eyes and their hearts so that they may know that You are present in absolutely everything created, so that they may value it and through it also develop a value for You in their lives.

Under your protection I take shelter, with the sweetness of your hands I wrap myself, to be sure that for you there are no impossibilities, if you grant me a new dawn my Lord, I want to live it by your side and by the side of those I love most, in the company of the best guardian: our Lord Jesus, Amen.

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