Powerful prayer for a miracle

Heavenly Father, I am grateful for your blessings. Thank you, Lord, because I daily witness your love, compassion, understanding, and your constant worry over me and my wishes. At this very moment, I want to pray, because what is impossible for me, is certainly possible in your eyes.

Precious Father, my life revolves around yours. I place all my plans, aims, and dreams in your hands because you are the miracle maker. Only You have the power to fulfill my dreams and make things possible.

Lord, I want you to guide my life and destiny. Take hold of the reins of my life and set me on the correct path of truth and life, for I do not want to go with anyone else but you, my God. Only You know what is best for my life. You know what I want exactly and are attentive in the way a kind and loving Father does.

You know what my situation is, dear Lord. You know I need you more than ever. Only a miracle, a wonder that can only come from You, can help me, inscrutable God. There is nothing You cannot handle, and there is nothing out of your reach that is complicated or difficult for you, for You are Lord of all. You guide our lives and I trust you.

You alone, precious God, divided the waters, resurrected the dead, healed the sick, and so many other marvelous deeds. You are the only one capable of listening to my plea. You know what it is, Lord of my life. I place everything in your hands: sickness, uncured pain, family, and business so that you will perform the miracle I so need, according to you perfect will.  

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Many have failed me, my God, but you never have, and I know you never will, because you truly love me, and because I am your son, and you will always want what is best for me. You neither leave nor forsake me. You are always on my side because you are good, and your mercy is everlasting.

Do not allow me to be afraid, or to despair due to the situation I find impossible to solve, my Lord. I know You hold me and strengthen me to move forward, and even grant my wishes as your son. I know that you give me sufficient strength to keep walking in faith, without stopping to believe in You and your power for a second.

Take my life, loving Lord, take my heart and calm them in this time of need. I trust You, my God, but I pray for the patience necessary to await your perfect timing, to wait for your perfect will.

Dear God, stay at my side and help me obtain this miracle, loving Lord. You know my heart’s desires. You know how often I have cried to heaven, begging you for this favor, since it is in your hand, my God, and there is nothing I can do. I am only your son willing to be at your mercy, please, listen to my prayer.

There is nothing impossible for you, Father, for you only know truth, love, and peace. You are Almighty, and everything in my life gets solved just with a stroke of your hands. You heal me with a glance. You grant me the wishes of my heart, with only one breath of your spirit.

I remain at your side, my magnificent God, because I know you listen to my plea and because I know you know where I stand. You will do what it takes in my life and the life of those I love. I will remain at your side, come what may, because I know your plans are better than mine, and in the same way in which  I receive joy when my wishes come true, I know that you comfort me when your will is otherwise, Lord. Please remain by my side and may you give me what I ask, my God because You know me well.

Thank you, blessed Lord, for being at my side and allowing me these moments of prayer. Thank you because you look straight into my heart, my Lord and because You provide me with everything to keep going, trusting that you uphold my life now and for always, in the glorious name of Jesus, Amen.

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