Night prayer for December 21

Blessed Father of mercy, what a beautiful sensation that he experienced when he reached the end of the day and that You remain by my side. My heart rejoices because I know that I gave everything I had to give this morning and because I had the good sense to always put you in front of everything that happened. Almighty Lord, I thank you infinitely because you did not let

Night Prayer for December 20

Beautiful Lord, almighty and eternal God, the night has come again. The sun has left the sky and again I come before your presence with words of gratitude to praise you, bless you and adore you for the beautiful day that you just gave me.  I want to thank you, divine Lord, because, despite all the evils that I have been able to commit, you always remain on my side.

Night prayer for December 19

Most High Lord, merciful God and Father of goodness, one more day ends and as is already a custom, I come before your presence to thank you because you allowed me to live to the fullest today. Thank you for all the moments that I was able to share with the people I love the most. Thank you because in all my activities you express your love and kindness. Heavenly

Night prayer for December 18

Victorious God, the night has come and I want to thank you for the day that I had to live. Thank you for all the experiences that you allowed me to have. Thank you for having always guided me with love along the path that You want for me. Thank you because your beautiful creation reminds me at every moment of the love you have for me and humanity. My

Evening prayer for December 17

 Blessed God, I thank you because one more day has passed and you have remained faithful, you have remained by my side as a good Father, a concerned protector. Thank you because in all the moments that I lived, I was able to make the most of them and I was able to obtain great lessons from them. I do not want to start this prayer towards You, without first

Night Prayer for December 16

Dear God, I approach You every night with a grateful heart to glorify You and bless You for the beautiful moments that You allowed me to live today. Thank you, Lord, because the day has passed with health and well-being. Thank you for all the projects that I concluded, for the new ideas that arose, and for the new things that I learned. This beautiful night, I want to thank

Night prayer for December 15

My Lord, tonight I come before you tired and burdened by everything that happened during this day. Even so, I thank you for all the moments that I was able to experience and all the moments that I was able to share with the people you put in my path. Thank you, Lord, because, despite everything that happened, you preserved my health and allowed me to return home to rest.

Night prayer for December 14

Blessed my Lord, tonight I cannot go to rest without first thanking you for all the good things that you have put in my way this day. I want to thank you because only you make it possible for me to enjoy beautiful moments with you and my family. Heavenly Father, tonight I want to understand why everything that I could not achieve today, I will be able to achieve

Night prayer for December 13

Blessed God, Lord of heaven, tonight I come and kneel before You to thank You for everything that happened on this beautiful day that You gave me. Thank you for all the moments, good and bad, because there is always teaching behind them. Bless the people who crossed my path who allowed me to learn more about service, more about patience, and more about your infinite love. Loving Father, I

Night prayer for December 12

Dear Lord, tonight I approach your presence to give you infinite thanks for your immense love. Thank you that today throughout You accompanied me, and you do not let me walk alone on this path of life. I thank you because you take care of my steps and guide my decisions, because you are a just and good God, and because you give me everything I need to be happy.

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