Night Prayer for July 24

God of goodness and mercy, I return to You in this night that has come to settle in the firmament. I abandon myself in your arms to be able to have a full rest and thus, to be able to recover the strength that I left in the day’s journey.  Tonight my Lord, I want you to know how happy I feel to be flooded in your love, that love

Night Prayer for July 23

Beloved Lord, the end of the day is about to come with the presence of this night and I thank you for all that happened in the journey of this day. Thank you for preserving my life in health from the time I stood on my feet until now, for this day you gave me was very profitable.  Tonight I have a heart that wants to praise You in truth,

Night Prayer for July 22

Dear and powerful God, the night comes again, covering little by little my room with your majestic presence and, before placing my body in your arms to rest, I would like to talk face to face with you to tell you that I love you and that I feel very happy for accompanying me in this adventure that is about to end. Thank you for this beautiful day that you

Night Prayer for July 21

Blessed God, Lord of the starry night that covers my room, thank You for the joy of being able to address You until now. Tonight I open my heart tired from the daily hustle and bustle, but very grateful for all that you allow me to live in your company. The good thing about being exhausted until now is that you have given me many opportunities to carry out my

Night Prayer for July 20

Good evening precious Father, a sky full of beautiful stars covers this place with your majestic presence, in which I want to place my heart in your holy hands to begin this dialogue between the two of us with much humility and sincerity. Today I had a difficult day, full of many hectic situations and with many pending matters, but I feel good to be able to arrive home with

Night Prayer for July 19

Merciful Father, very good night. One more day has gone, welcoming the twilight that the sky in your mysterious divinity covers my room, and before you, I am ready to give you my life with this humble prayer.  Thank You for returning me home safely after my activities, sheltered from the danger of the world, because You have given me moments where I knew how to be a better friend,

Night Prayer for July 18

Precious God, owner of the universe and of this beautiful night, one more day has culminated with the arrival of the stars, and I can only thank you with all my heart, because everything I lived today, was full of many good experiences and learning. Thank you for allowing me to be with you until now, where the darkness floods my room to find you in the secret. I have

Night Prayer for July 17

Precious and beloved Father, the night is covering my room in darkness and while the urban noise fades, I prepare myself at your feet to deliver this prayer to you. I have arrived very exhausted because I have had a very hard day, but I cannot go to sleep without first placing my whole life in your presence. Today I was able to live and contemplate many pleasant moments, accompanied

Night Prayer for July 16

Gracious Lord, today, as I do every night, I come to You to thank You for all the love You have shown me on this day that is coming to an end. My Father, sometimes I cannot understand how it is that You, being so great and love itself, do everything possible for me to fix my gaze on You, You being the Lord of my life, the King of

Night Prayer for July 15

Beautiful Creator of heaven and earth, the night has begun and together with this little prayer that I raise with all my heart to heaven, I am ready to thank you very much for the day that has passed, because now I can continue with you, waiting for the gift of the new dawn. Thank you my God for all your blessings, for all the experiences I had and because