Night prayer for January 3

My blessed Father, the night has returned, he accompanies us and, from the side of my bed. I raise a prayer of gratitude for all the moments that you allowed me to experience. Thank you because I have reached the end of the day with health and well-being and because now I am about to get a rest that allows me to regain my strength to have a new awakening.

Night prayer for January 2

Blessed Creator, the last lights of the day are extinguished and I come before You on this serene night to thank You for the moments that you allowed me to enjoy and share, for the health that you allowed me to enjoy, and to implore your blessing and your forgiveness. My lord, do not turn away from me tonight. Holy Father, I implore your paternal mercy to keep me under

Night prayer for January 1

Divine Lord, the day has come to an end. I find myself on my knees to direct my prayer towards You. I want to thank you because today You give me your protection, love, and care. Thank you because you did not allow evil to take hold of me, or to come near my house. Thank you, blessed God, because only with your company can I feel entirely happy. Almighty

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